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Re: Parts and Components - "custom manufacturing service" ..... Enclosed please find a copy of publication issued for Leemtek Company over  lizenzen_n_kooperationen (LIKO) by VDMA monthly bulletin of Oct.2008 @ www.vdma.org ..... For study, kindly click on the attachment(s) for download that We thank you, ..... Remark(s): VDMA is a German official society .....

Reverse Engineering Process

. Customer Service   Upon request, we can do you The re-production of Industrial Replacement Parts w/o DWG supported here at Taiwan   Manufacturing Method Reverse Engineering Process   Thank you Sir!! .

Copper and Copper Alloy casting Problems

Report: since it is not easy to cast Pure copper (99.95 series) in Taiwan that is prone to be surface cracking, porosity, and the formation of internal cavities which, Citing the Articles sourced (*Key to Metals): It suggests to improve it with Copper Alloy, by adding a small amount of elements that are Beryllium,Nickel,Silicon,Tin,Zinc,Chromium and Silver,(for reference only),.Thanks